Summer is on it’s way…

This winter I met a lovely lady who created some toys for storybooks at Wiggles Press.

She introduced me to her daughter who was excited to work for me as well.

Ain Imchen created new art for The Ocean Festival, which I hope you enjoy at the beach.

This fun story was written with my students at The Morse School who had created art and I wrote this story based on their pictures of their favorite things about summer.

It is ready for purchases on May 3rd, 2018


Spring has Sprung…

Spring is a wonderful season for exploring nature and getting ready for more time spent outside with the little ones.  It also can be met with unexpected weather changes and rainy days inside.

Springtime and these two occurrences are capture in the preschool storybook Gabriel in the Park & His BIG TOY BOX.

This year Wiggles Press Intern Laila provided a translation of this story in the Arabic language; it is also available in French, Japanese and Mandarin.

2018-Gabe and the Park_Arabic cover-1

Marching Forward….

This month is one we all look forward to because it symbolizing hope, renewal and freshness with the emergence of Spring.

Well, I too am hoping for rejuvenation with the translated edition of Gabriel and the Park & His Big Toy Box in the Arabic language.

This story has been published in French, English, Japanese and Mandarin.

It will be wonderful to see the stories in languages that will support learning.

2018-Gabe and the Park_Arabic cover-1

2017 Reading & Writing Fundamentals

Happy New Year Wiggles Press Readers!

As you begin a new year it’s time to set new goals and strategies for achieving them.

Everyone needs a helper to be successful.

Wiggles Press is here to help you reach your reading and writing goals.  We can help you  to define the strategies that will work towards accomplishment.


Be sure to purchase Wiggles Room for Free Admission – bring the book to the Seminar!



This book is a guide to finding your niche in creating books for children. It will take you from start to finish with examples of how to start a story board to how to coordinate with editors and illustrators for your final product, a children’s book for all to enjoy!

If you are writing to publish in other genres the fundamentals still apply.