Fall has arrived and there is a New King in England:
More than fifty years ago I met a librarian from England – her name was Elizabeth. Although I was a nine-year-old African American from Oklahoma, Ms. Wade took an interest in me, and invited me to have English Tea with her.

Our move to Schenectady in 1969 brought many surprises, but it was this little British woman who encouraged me to read and to explore library books for new adventures. When we departed she gave me Gulliver’s Travels, Nancy Drew, The Hary Boy’s and Robinson Crusoe – a classic book collection.

The following year when I returned to Oklahoma I discovered the story of The Crane Maiden. You see, it was the first year of desegrated schools and my teacher had taken a ruler to spank my hand for raising it in her class to participate in the class dialogue. I had never been hit or spanked by anyone outside of my family and so I sought refuge in the library during recess.

Ten years later I traveled to Japan, and enjoyed discovery a new culture. During my visit a friend retold this story to me. Chills gave me goosebumps when I recalled this childhood storybook. It was a mystery to me because I hadn’t heard it since fifth-grade nor had I known any Japanese people then. That’s why in retelling my experience I titled my memoir, The Majestic Crane.

The Tales of Crane’s

The Tales of Cranes is my very own storybook that shares this tale of The Crane Maiden with my daughter Misha alongside my exploration of Japan in 1982. Her imagination comes alive and later her dreams take flight. Click Here!

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