2017 Reading & Writing Fundamentals

Happy New Year Wiggles Press Readers!

As you begin a new year its time to set new goals and strategies for achieving them.

Everyone needs a helper to be successful.

Wiggles Press is here to help you reach your reading and writing goals and to define the strategies that will work towards accomplishment.

Start by getting books for your children by subscription – you can email me to get Three (3) stories for $15 and I will create customized vocabulary, puzzles and exercises to help your readers gain confidence in their exploration of a Wiggles Press storybook adventure.

For writers I will be hosting a seminar in February 2017 to get you connected to artist, authors and opportunities for promoting your books.

Stay tuned for updates and schedules.

In 2017 – Wiggles Press will initiate ongoing workshops for authors and artist who want to learn about illustrating for a storybook.

Start  jotting down your ideas and questions, February is right around the corner.

Happy New Year!

Be sure to purchase Wiggles Room for Free Admission – bring the book to the Seminar!



This book is a guide to finding your niche in creating books for children. It will take you from start to finish with examples of how to start a story board to how to coordinate with editors and illustrators for your final product, a children’s book for all to enjoy!

If you are writing to publish in other genres the fundamentals still apply.



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