Diversity is not just Black & White: Wiggles Press has made multicultural books for Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish readers.

As an exchange student in Asia 35 years ago, I realized that although I was reading books about other cultures, few outside the United States were even aware that African-Americans storybooks existed.

As a mother of three, I wanted to share books about our home life with my friends from China, Japan, and Argentina (to name a few) but I couldn’t find many in their languages.

Censoring in China made it even harder because most thought of African American culture as only rap music or violence, stereotypes.

This is why I have made it an effort to publish and translate storybooks with positive main characters and stories that resonate with families around the globe.


Enjoy these Updated French Books:

  • Just finished revisions for books with Jacquelyn Grenez Brovender available by February 1st, 2017

frontcover-SunnyFrench-17 copy.jpg  2017-french-cover1-24-front2017-gtm-french-cover-front






Chinese books and Japanese storybooksJapanese-cover-front copy2015 - NewYearsValentine-cover copy


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