Spring / Summer 2017

New Spring Titles 2017

The Ocean Festival

A story inspired by students at the Morse School while I was working with them in After-school for the Cambridge Public School Department.

COVERThe Tales of Cranes

The retailing of The Crane Maiden by Miyoko Matsutani and Chihiro Iwasaki – this story influenced the author’s journey to Japan and her study of Japanese language.

This author discovered this story at Wilson Elementary in Oklahoma City as a child in 1968 during her first experience with integration.  It was shortly after the time Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated and  her uncles and father were preparing to fight in Vietnam as they enrolled in the Army and Navy.

This book was translated by dear friend from Japan Miwako Yoshimizu(吉水 美和子)in 2010 and we are very please that it will be released this year in times for Mother’s Day.

cover-2017 copy


Three other lovely stories in the works are:

  1. Scotty the Blue Monarch
  2. My Baby Brother Learns Golf and Tennis.

Summer Activities will be Storytelling and Doll Making




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