October Book

In October its time to get ready for the Holiday Season and I love to Highlight the stories that have age appropriate Mysteries.

My  first book that I was delighted to publish with a scary theme is about a boy who is afraid of things that go bump in the dark titled “There’s a Tarantula in My Pajamas,” by Celestine Payne.  The others I have published are chapter books, which make me very happy because the authors trusted me with their treasures.

Paula Ezop is very prolific writer and she has several great novels and even spiritual writings under her own imprint… she began that way and I enjoyed working with her and reading her works.

Paula’s series, The Adventures of Penelope Star began with “The Mystery of the Three Dragon,” which takes place in a New England tourist town in Maine and unfolds several mysteries related to China and a mysterious woman with ties to the Underground Railroad.  Paul has even recorded it for download on Amazon Audio Book.

Although most mysteries involve people, Larry Richard’s prose in Katherine is a a fury adventure involving personalities of the K9 kind.

Click the images below to order your copy NOW and have it shipped in time for your storytelling time under the blankets with a book written for the Hands of Little Readers by Wiggles Press.






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