Warm Winter for Wiggles Press

Cover-spanish copy-xs

Today while I was enjoying a high school performance of West Side Story… It brought tears to my eyes as the students dedicated the production to Puerto Rico.

Having grownup in Boston in a diverse community, I was fortunate to have several friends from the Island.  It was when my mom made a special friend from New York who moved next door with her daughter’s that I became like her daughter too.

I loved my days visiting her and attending Sunday School with her girls.  We would be naughty teens together and even disrupt our Spanish class speaking to one another.

When I got home, my computer had the translated text of Dolly’s Winter Surprise in my email inbox, I felt the heavens had been listening.

It warmed my heart to have this translation from Zouhaida Elian, who has enabled me to teach Spanish and Chinese to students weekly.

May this story warm your heart, as much as my Amigas, have brought me joy.

Click here to read a Spanish Sample Sample- Dolly-sorpresa-de-invierno-cs


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