Literacy and Language for a Better Humanity

Spread 13As a parent and a publisher I am always seeking ways to engage people in dialogue about literacy and how learning can improve the lives of children.  Often we think of future generations without realizing we are our parents future and our children are impacted by current issues.

There is no time like the present to address how literacy and language  can broaden our experiences with diversity and improve our global humanity.

Reading a book during my childhood, Children from Many Lands,  created a curiosity in me that led me to study Asian Languages, French, Portuguese and Spanish as well as gave me a willingness to learn about others without fear.


Wiggles Press over 20 books translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish to give families an opportunity to explore story books through the eyes of children and to give diversity a window to shine a light.

Wiggles Press is interested in receiving more submissions from authors of global writers who can share their experiences with travel, culture, and discovery.

Our 2019 goal is to be more expansive and inclusive.


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