Happy Holidays and New Year 2018

Wiggles Press is working hard on some new stories for 2018 and we are planning a special celebration at the start of the year, January 2018 to make this a Remarkable Year!

Captain Remarkable Year for girls and boys everywhere!





Warm Winter for Wiggles Press

Cover-spanish copy-xs

Today while I was enjoying a high school performance of West Side Story… It brought tears to my eyes as the students dedicated the production to Puerto Rico.

Having grownup in Boston in a diverse community, I was fortunate to have several friends from the Island.  It was when my mom made a special friend from New York who moved next door with her daughter’s that I became like her daughter too.

I loved my days visiting her and attending Sunday School with her girls.  We would be naughty teens together and even disrupt our Spanish class speaking to one another.

When I got home, my computer had the translated text of Dolly’s Winter Surprise in my email inbox, I felt the heavens had been listening.

It warmed my heart to have this translation from Zouhaida Elian, who has enabled me to teach Spanish and Chinese to students weekly.

May this story warm your heart, as much as my Amigas, have brought me joy.

Click here to read a Spanish Sample Sample- Dolly-sorpresa-de-invierno-cs

Winter Season Arrivals

French Cover-sm

Jacqueline Grenez Brovender has worked diligently to translate Dolly’s Winter Surprise for us and I’m pleased to announce Une Surprise Pour Doll has been submitted for review and should be ready for ordering before Thanksgiving.

In addition, I want to share knitting patterns for making dolls for the Holidays.

To Make Dolly’s BFF for the Holiday’s Download the pattern

Shelly's Dolls

My favorite pattern is RaggedlyAnneDoll


Below are French Language Knitting References for dolls and toys.









To Make Wiggles Press Toys for the Holiday’s order Shelly’s Needles & Crafts






Autumn Transitions


The story “The Little Plum Tree” is a delightful story about how season’s change and it was written to give little ones courage to face newfound independence.



Autumn is just around the corner and I’m still enjoying these last two weeks of summer.

Fall is when I consider new submissions for 2018 and when I will host a writing workshop for developing writers.

Here’s were to send your submissions.  rochelle.thorpe@yahoo.com

Deadline is October 25th, 2017.


I hope you have had great experiences and stories to share.


French Books

This May, I enjoyed a wonderful day with Jacqueline Grenez Brovender and her handsome husband of 60, plus years.

Before leaving the house my son and I decorated a garden hat for her because we both wanted to give this lovely Grand-mère something special for her generosity in translating books into French or Français for Wiggles Press.

She was such a lovely host and served me and my guest, Louis Chripin, tea with homemade pastries that were very delicious.

Wiggles Press encourages you to  invite someone special to enjoy teatime with a storybook – in French or English as well.

Click the image of storybooks to order French translated stories now!

Email me your invoices at Rochelle.Thorpe@yahoo.com and get a discount code for purchasing additional copies for 50%.

Enjoy! . Bon appétit!

To enjoy her translated text, please click this link to order from Amazon.com






The Tales of Cranes

This story is a retelling of the tale of T2017-Cover-TTC-Japanese-csfronthe Crane Maiden through the experiences of an African American mom who shares the folklore with her daughter Misha.

The Crane Maiden was published in 1968 Parent’s Magazine Press, a sub division of Time Life, New York.

In Japanese culture the crane is also a symbol of peace and prosperity.

At age 9 Rochelle discovered this book in 1971 in the library of Wilson Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  She eventually traveled to Tokyo, Japan in 1981.

In 1990, she became the first African American to be a dorm mother and she hosted to over 1,000 Japanese students at Showa Boston.  Misha was born in 1992 on the campus of Showa and the students called her the Showa Baby.  By age one she was listening to Daiko Drums and called Mikako ミカコ 美夏

Readers can learn more about her mother’s journey in the chapter book The Majestic Crane; An African American Girl’s Journey to Asian Culture illustrated by Master Japanese Artist Kaji Aso.]

The Tales of Cranes will be available in English, Japanese and a dual text edition.