Our storybooks are original.
Our curriculum is unique.

Your experience will be exhilarating!

Pinky the Butterfly Aquarium

The Ocean Festival comes alive with table top aquariums ideal for a child’s room, apartment or dorm. Rosa and Sparkle are a perfect backdrop to a tank of Fold Fish and even a fighting Fish..

The Tales of Teacup Award

This year Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui of Cambridge and Diane Hibner, Former CEO of Global Child will be awarded the 2021 The Tales of Teacup Award.

This year April 4th is the Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination and Easter Sunday, when his Wife
Coretta Scott King dedicated herself to continuing his Mission of advocating for Global Peace and Humanitarian Civil Rights throughout the world.

These women are exhibiting this mission in their roles as leaders and educators.

Teacups & Tea sets

Hand-painted teacups and tea sets that reflect the storybook The Tales of Teacups and English Tea in New York from the book The Majestic Crane by the Author Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe are for sale.

$100.00 Teacup, Teapot, storybook autographed by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe (collectibles)


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