Please contact 617-499-0805 should your summer camp, school, church, or event need a unique multicultural storybook to perform.   Wiggles Press has the stories for you!

In 2015, I had the opportunity to work for the Cambridge Public Community Schools (CPSD). This opportunity allowed children to perform plays and skits based on stories written by Wiggles Press Authors.

Children were very instrumental in opening my eyes to their love of role-play… and they quickly gained confidence in learning a new story and then acting out our stories with enthusiasm.

  • Students will be encouraged to learn story-lines and provided the guidance to do help their best on stage.
  • Youth counselors will  have the guidance needed to help them with early childhood-development skills for engaging young campers and students in summer reading and role-play for making learning fun!
  • Role-Play is an happy addition to physical activity because it incorporates emotional expression with academics for enrichment.

Scripts are ready for performing Tyler and the Spider! And Storytelling by authors of The Man with the Sunny Umbrella, Aisha’s Gift, Captain Remarkable and Da Goodie Monsta by Robert Peters… you can schedule book signings for events and schools.


Classes are available for Crafting and Knitting