Seeking Interns who speak Fluent French and interested in Asian Culture – to work on several translations, marketing and merchandising projects.

Send resume to with the Subject French to Asian Languages.

We have several books in French and this summer for the Olympic Games we are translating the story of The Little Plum Tree into Japanese – and Mandarin from the French and English editions. To participate send me your email for an invitation to our Google Classroom.

This effort is to support Haitian Families living in the Cambridge Community, where Wiggles Press Publisher had offered Japanese and Mandarin Classes at both the Margaret Fuller House and the Morse School for the City of Cambridge.

In addition, this effort will support our teaching English, Chinese and Japanese in the town of Quincy, where the author took French in the 8th Grade at Quincy Point Junior High School at the Height of Force Busing in Boston. She learned diversity with some “Hard Knocks” as a Southwestern who moved to Massachusetts in its “Archie Bunker Days.”

Upon learning about the Assassination of the President Jovenel Moïse, Publisher Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe decided to translate this book and host Japanese and Mandarin classes once again – and to provide students with arts and crafts for Art Therapy, which was the story’s Intended Purpose – read the Bio and Background of how Sarah Wallas Reidy’s grandmother survived the French invasion during World World II and became a Social Worker – to me she was the mother of Art Therapy through prose and painting. – Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe

To support us we are accepting donations of $20


The goal is to provide expense free learning with Arts & Crafts in the towns of Cambridge and Quincy, Massachusetts.

To donate using PayPal

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