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What’s is your language?

Wiggles Press has books for reading and books for learning Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. See our translators and books here.

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

     SunnyChinese Cover-150 Tales-of-Teacup-Cover-Chinese9-22-front-sm
    2014-Gabe mandarin-Workbook-cover-flat-xsm 2010-MoonCreeper_chinese_front2015 - NewYearValentine-cover copy

  • A Dragon Valentine
    Gabe and the Park & His BIG TOY Box
    The Tales of Teacups
    The Moon Creeper
    The Man wit The Sunny Umbrella
  • French Translator,  Jacqueline Grenez Brovender

French Cover-sm


BookCoverImage-CR-French2014-SNY-cover xsm




Other French Translations are:

Phoebe-French - Copy


  • Le Petiti Prunier
    Gabriel, Le Parc Et Le Grand Coffre A Jouets
    Des Cadeaux pour Phoebe
    La Paix c’est autre chose

Far East Languages 

  • Gabe and the Park & His BIG TOY Box (Japanese & Mandarin)

  • The Tales of Teacups (Japanese & Mandarin)


Portuguese (Click)


Spanish click

  • Mis Zapatos Favoritos: My Favorite Shoes
  • Huevos Frescos (Dual Text: Spanish and English) (Spanish Edition)FreshEggsCover-10-26print-Spanish front 2010-MyFavoritosZappatos-front 

    Wonderful people created magical stories

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