Everybody loves a Hero

The kindness of a stranger is illustrated in the story The Man with the Sunny Umbrella. Rain is pouring for a week, when suddenly the sun comes out and children with their families head to the park for a friendly soccer game.

TSunnyChinese Cover-150he boys kick the ball so high, it lands in a tree that almost
touches the sky… that’s
when a hero frontcover-sunnyfrench-17-copywith a yellow umbrella came to their rescue.

Read this story to see how he coverts it into the Sunny Umbrella:  now available in French and Mandarin Chinese. Buy 

In  Animal of the Year the hero is Mutt, the name of a mixed Terrier who also saves his friends from a burning barn on Happy Farm (a fictional place invented by author Donald Cantor in his first book Perfect Pet)

Animal de l’Année vous emmène à la Ferme Joyeuse où vous ferez la connaissance de Nulou.

Nulou a très envie d’assister à un concours où tous les animaux montreront ce qu’ils savent faire, mais il ne se croit pas assez doué pour y participer. Il est fasciné par une oie qui boit du jus d’orange à la paille tout en dansant sur la pointe des pattes, et par un tigre qui adore le chocolat aux noisettes.French-cover-17 copy.jpg

Tout à coup Nulou
remarque qu’un peu plus loin l’écurie est en feu. Il court alors à fond de train pour sauver les chevaux.

En un rien de temps Nulou est devenu un héros et est élu Animal de l’Année.

«Nous avons imaginé l’histoire de Nulou pour faire revivre les cinq Irish Terriers à poils lisses qui ont fait la joie de notre famille pendant de nombreuses années.»

Donald Cantor et Michael Cantor


Diversity is not just Black & White: Wiggles Press has made multicultural books for Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish readers.

As an exchange student in Asia 35 years ago, I realized that although I was reading books about other cultures, few outside the United States were even aware that African-Americans storybooks existed.

As a mother of three, I wanted to share books about our home life with my friends from China, Japan, and Argentina (to name a few) but I couldn’t find many in their languages.

Censoring in China made it even harder because most thought of African American culture as only rap music or violence, stereotypes.

This is why I have made it an effort to publish and translate storybooks with positive main characters and stories that resonate with families around the globe.


Enjoy these Updated French Books:

  • Just finished revisions for books with Jacquelyn Grenez Brovender available by February 1st, 2017

frontcover-SunnyFrench-17 copy.jpg  2017-french-cover1-24-front2017-gtm-french-cover-front






Chinese books and Japanese storybooksJapanese-cover-front copy2015 - NewYearsValentine-cover copy

2017 Reading & Writing Fundamentals

Happy New Year Wiggles Press Readers!

As you begin a new year it’s time to set new goals and strategies for achieving them.

Everyone needs a helper to be successful.

Wiggles Press is here to help you reach your reading and writing goals.  We can help you  to define the strategies that will work towards accomplishment.


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This book is a guide to finding your niche in creating books for children. It will take you from start to finish with examples of how to start a story board to how to coordinate with editors and illustrators for your final product, a children’s book for all to enjoy!

If you are writing to publish in other genres the fundamentals still apply.