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This is a great time to start creating gifts for the holidays and special occasions.

Submit a knitting or sewing pattern to Wiggles Press for one of our characters and win a $200 prize if it is excepted as an authorized vendor for one of our character related toys.

Should you win, I will require you to:

  1. Send a sample character toy with the written directions for how it was created.
  2. Send a list of the materials used to create the toy and approximately how long it took to make: knit, sew, glue, paint or format.
  3. Send samples of the materials used.
  4. Send care instructions for cleaning and storage
  5. Include what you would charge at wholesale with the suggested retail price.
  6. Include your order form, shipping address, and preferred payment method
  7. List any website or stores your items will retail or if you will only provide direct sale by phone, web, or snail mail and or consignments.

Allow three weeks for a return reply.

Deadline September 25th, 2017.

Items will not be returned, only a letter of confirmation or answer letter regarding your submission.

Wiggles press will provide tags and authorization letter should your item be approved.

Wiggles Press
c/o Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
23 Athens Street, # 2
Cambridge, MA  02138

No phone calls or solicitations.

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