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Storytelling and Dancing… just add to the Donation Jar so we can send Brighton High Classmate a computer and supplies for Interpreting books into Spanish.

Also, to help launch a translation team for Portuguese and Cape Verde speaking communities from Boston to Brazil to Cape Verde

Join the NAACP and hear from others in the Community who are trying to support the American Dream for the African Diaspora.

Online donation will begin in February .

Bring a Barbie and Get a Sewing Kit for Captain Remarkable (Only 1 per person).


For Pattern in French Click here: Les meilleures amies-CS

English Version   Dolly-pattern20171119_011238 20171118_235955

This is a great time to start creating gifts for the holidays and special occasions.

To get started, download the pattern I used for making a basic hat or beanie.

You can tell by his smile, he truly loved this one…

Join me for making one this winter… in time for Christmas.  I can show you a few alterations for making it more for a woman or child by creating cables or patterns.

Download the pattern here  > Shelly’s-simple-hat  


  • Yarn Needle
  • DPN Needles (Double Pointed Needles) Bamboo for beginners
  • Size 8 Circulars 16″
  • Scissors
  • 2 to 3 Skeins for Worsted Weight Yarn (washable or pre-washed)
  • Scraps of yarns 1/4 skein left overs for strips (optional)
  • Tote or knitting bag for organizing your projects.
  1. First you’ll need two skein’s of worsted weight yarn… pre-washed or washable is best… (RECOMMEND use a wool blend not 100 wool… it will be itchy and loses it shape when washed. see: WEB   
  2. To create the beanie above, I suggest using two to three skeins of varying colors, and additional yarn scraps you have saved for making one or two row of stripes… it’s not necessary to make as many stripes as I have – should you use three skeins you will be able to make two hats, one for yourself and one for a gift. (having two is always good because we often misplace hats)
  3. For first time knitters I recommend 16″ circular Size 8 needles – you can of course use whatever size you’re wish… just adjust convert your inches…
  4. One bamboo set of DPN (Double Pointed Needles) for closing the hat.  Advanced knitter can use DPN for the entire project. (DPN come in a set of 4 to 5 needles that look like sharpened chop sticks)
  5. Scissors to cut yarn
  6. Yarn needle for weaving or finishes – some use a crochet needle.
  7. A knitting bag or a tote for keeping your project together… I use a candy tin or plastic container for my knitting tools (scissors, yarn and knitting needles).