Choose a language that you would like to increase you or your speaking abilities.

This form is where you select the online course you would like to
enroll in for Zoom language
instruction with access to a
Google Classroom curriculum.

One Hour online classes for 10 Weeks with a 30 minute Creative Fun Days for $150.00 includes online book and printed paperbacks mailed to you and your family.

Creative Fun Day!
Is an added day of making story related projects to enhance studying cultures hands-on.

Instructions and product guides will be available in your Google Classroom files.

Complete the registration and an invoice for payment will be sent to your email.

Once payment is completed you will be shipped books and any related materials with an invite to your Google Classroom.

Class will begin with access to online curriculum via a link to a Google classroom that you will be invited to join! Allow 10 days for books to arrive from Amazon.

We are COVID free – online learning for a Global Student.

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